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Satoshi Journal is a product of Independent Online Teamwork Organization called Knights of Satoshi - created by investors, enthusiasts, dreamers dedicated to crypto currencies. Our main activities require us to be always updated with all news and inovations around digital money. We are involved in: daily speculations in most popular crypto currency exchangers,  investments in long terms, creating promising crypto projects, organizing main events and providing you fresh information about crypto currencies here on Satoshi Journal.

 Satoshi Journal gives every user the unique possibility to share his news or knowledge about digital money. We are the first user-opened online news media with respect to different points of view. It will be a pleasure for us to hear your thoughts supported with solid arguments and to reward your efforts with IFIT - Official token of Knights of Satoshi Organization. Тhis is the right way to increase and strentghten the popularity of crypto currencies and prepare a lots of people for incoming future.

If you would like to join and to contribute to the cause of Satoshi Journal.com, we have good news for you! We are open to consider new memberships requests - just send a join request at our closed Facebook group "Knights of Satoshi".

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The Token

IFIT Token


Name: IFIT (International Freedom of Information Token)

Currency Class: Counterparty Asset

Token Supply: 199 854 units

Representation: Official Token of Knights of Satoshi - Independent Online Teamwork Organization

Launched on: 5/23/2016

Role: Store and represent value

Ifit explorer


IFIT is a counterparty based digital asset created by Knights of Satoshi Independent Organization to serve as an official source of value related to top 5 of the most important factors behind humanity progress - Information, Knowledge, Freedom, Teamwork and Creativity. Unlike other currencies and assets IFIT value lies on a real proven work and ambition to create worldwide useful products and of course on cooperation during process.

The Team of Satoshi Journal

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