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Month: December 2016

Where is the Xaurum?

Remember the old classic song “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”? It looks like hackers think exactly the same way. One week after Yahoo reports hacking we have another breach – this time the “happy winner” is Xaurum (XAUR). Xaurum is a digital asset using Ethereum Token System. It is ranked 35th in CoinmarketCap standings and Xaurum value is covered by gold. Xaurum was independent currency, but earlier this year migrates to ETH Blockchain and performes a split. On 25th of December a user of with nickname kaicryptzen published: XAUR/BTC pair just vanished from c-cex, I assume they might be...

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The Legacy of Satoshi Nakamoto in 10 commandments – inspired by the Bible

1.  I am the One, who took you out of the banker’s hands of prey and brought you to the Blockchain. For this you owе me nothing. 2.  You shall make for yourself carved images, accessories, paintings of me (I really hope there will be at least one fan shop – come on), but do not expect me to give you an autograph. I can be everywhere – on a lonely island, at home, next to you, or in chat with Vitalik (Do not distrub me before 9:00 pm). By the way for hating me I am not going...

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Can you stop the freight train

It looks like the father dragon is angry again. Congratulation Bitcoiners, another wall is broken. The train skips some stops and continues its accelaration. All alts lie on the railroad… again. In this moment bitcoin price is 829.27 USD according to CoinmarketCap. What’s next – mercy for alts or another march up,  nobody knows and nobody cares right now, because we have historical rise in bitcoin price. If this is not hot then what? Bitcoin price smashes 800 USD level for the first time since February 2014 and this time makes it to look  so easy. I think more and more people...

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Exodus-where art meet engineering

Have you ever heard about Exodus? If you are not maybe you need to get some history classes, but not right now. Relax, I am not going to lead swarm of people in the desert or talk about heavy metal, actually I am going to talk about something hot in the world of crypto currencies that rocks. This article is based on my user experience exclusively. It includes personal attitude built on more than two years usage of different crypto currency wallets. Without further ado, please meet Exodus. What is Exodus actually?     Exodus is a desktop software...

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