Month: January 2017

How fair is Yobit Exchange

HOW FAIR IS YOBIT EXCHANGE Introduction Do you really know how US and EU crypto currency exchanges work? Everything looks fair or fair enough. If you don’t have some experience in trading or you are just a newbie you’ll not notice anything unusual. But in fact every crypto exchange has well built trading bot system. When bad news are on air selling bots are active. If something good happens buiyng inertia is fueled by the opposite bots. Sometimes bots work together to keep the rates. By the way Mr.Gox used two algorithms, named Willy and Marcus. They bought around...

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Get free coins from Yobit using our script

Yobit offers you various types of free cryptocurrency coins, you only have to click to claim them. Register at YoBit.Net to start collection coins. To get the free crypto coins, you just have to visit the “FreeCoins” page on YoBit and to claim them. If Your accont is new, you will probably have to wait for a week before being able to do this. But there is always a trick. And the trick here is that YoBit gives you really small amounts and automation is forbidden. But here is one solution – a completely undetectable JavaScript code for YoBit, which really speeds...

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