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Satoshi is the first user-based online media about crypto currencies with respect to different points of view you can be part of and has a piece of it in the same time. Please, welcome to share your knowledge, thoughts or vision about crypto currencies supported with solid arguments. Let’s strenghten the popularity of crypto currencies and prepare a lot of people for incoming future.

Satoshi is maintained entirely by Knight of Satoshi community.

C R Y P T O  C U R R E N C Y      A P P L I C A T I O N S     F O R      W E B M A S T E R S



The problem we solve is that crypto currencies have advanced features, but mostly low level difficult to use APIs and command line tools. There are very few high level implementations that allow webmasters to integrate crypto currency without coding.

We are working to build not just a plain asset but also a practical token with web services around it. These services will help webmasters to integrate IFITs and crypto currencies into their websites with minimal or no coding – for free.

On 21 of april 2017 we published ver 2.0 of our plugin with the following features:

– displaying prices and exchange rates

– crypto currency calculator for all including pairs

– support for all counterparty assets including IFIT

– counterparty asset explorer

– bitcoin donation possibility to your website

– neat and easy to use

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Download ver. 2.0