Author: Embat

Exodus-where art meet engineering

Have you ever heard about Exodus? If you are not maybe you need to get some history classes, but not right now. Relax, I am not going to lead swarm of people in the desert or talk about heavy metal, actually I am going to talk about something hot in the world of crypto currencies that rocks. This article is based on my user experience exclusively. It includes personal attitude built on more than two years usage of different crypto currency wallets. Without further ado, please meet Exodus. What is Exodus actually?     Exodus is a desktop software...

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Satoshi made it for the People

“WikiLeaks has kicked the hornet’s nest, and the swarm is headed towards us” – Satoshi Nakamoto. Seven years already passed since these words were spoken by a person for whom we don’t know absolutely nothing. Who is he/she (or may be are they), how he lives, what is his/her/their story?… Even now while I am writting this rows my imagination can’t stop to depict unrealistic slices of someone’s life. A little ironic question is:  Is Satoshi has a family photo album with big label “Satoshi” on it? We use every chance to prove how unworthy we are for our Inspirators Burnt, crucified,...

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