1.  I am the One, who took you out of the banker’s hands of prey and brought you to the Blockchain. For this you owе me nothing.

2.  You shall make for yourself carved images, accessories, paintings of me (I really hope there will be at least one fan shop – come on), but do not expect me to give you an autograph. I can be everywhere – on a lonely island, at home, next to you, or in chat with Vitalik (Do not distrub me before 9:00 pm). By the way for hating me I am not going to punish your children’s children but I can denominate your satoshies.

3. Please spell my name correctly I have a reputation to build. And do not give my number to anyone in black suit. I preffer the light gama.

4.  Remember the sixth and seventh day of the week. I don’t want to brag but I was ready with Blockchain on Friday. Sunday and Saturday were days for fishing.

5. Blockchain has no mother, it can be really sad on Christmas.

6. You shall not kill altcoin enthusiasm.

7.If you fall in love with an altcoin, don’t dump bitcoin value because of it.

8. You shall not steal satoshies directly, use Bitfinex for that.

9. If you see your neighbour is minning bitcoin secretly don’t share with electricity company.

10. You shall not want the wallet of your friend, neither the public key, neither its password.

For more information, please contact to Roger Ver – he is my only son!