Yobit offers you various types of free cryptocurrency coins, you only have to click to claim them. Register at YoBit.Net to start collection coins. To get the free crypto coins, you just have to visit the “FreeCoins” page on YoBit and to claim them. If Your accont is new, you will probably have to wait for a week before being able to do this.

But there is always a trick. And the trick here is that YoBit gives you really small amounts and automation is forbidden. But here is one solution – a completely undetectable JavaScript code for YoBit, which really speeds up coin collection.

So here is how to get your free coins easily.

1. Visit the FreeCoins page on YoBit

Here is a screenshot of what the free coins page looks like:


You can notice there is a lot of junk – coins in minimal quantities – definitely not worth the click. You can not see it on the screenshot, but actually 90% of what you see is junk and this wastes your precious time. I will explain how to deal with it.

2. Type “javascript:” into the address bar


I have tested this with Google Chrome, but it may work with other browsers also. You have to actually TYPE it, NOT COPY and PASTE! Do not hit “Enter” yet – go to the next step.

3. Copy and paste the javascript code into the address bar


Copy and paste the magical script after the “javascript:” in you address bar an hit “Enter”. Here is the precious code:

$('#freecoins_table > tbody > tr').each(function(tr_index) { var amount = parseFloat($(this).children(":nth-child(2)").text()); if(amount<=0.1){ $(this).hide(); } else {console.log('Found a good one...');} });
Here is the result.

As you wan see – no junk now, only large stakes of free coins. The script has filtered out the junk quantities in your browser and you can claim your free coins in seconds.


This script works in your browser and is completely undetectable.

Article source: creditstocks.com